Instructions - Entertainer Application for Idaho Falls Farmer's Market

Instructions for filling Out the Online Entertainer Application

Directions for Application Below

Make sure you read this whole page. If you are squeduled to play music, this means you and your group agree to the terms of agreement. Click to read.

Please follow directions as best you can! An asterisk means required.

*Contact Name

Group contact person’s name

*Name of Musical Group

Solo performer’s name or group name

*Contact Phone Number and mailing address

(Example follows...)

208-555-5555 [hit enter]

1234 West Fun Music Lane [hit enter]

Idaho Falls, ID 83404 [hit enter]

*Contact Email Address

Group contact person’s valid email address

*Tell us about your genre, number of members in group, basic instruments, etc. Will you be using your own PA system etc, or do you need a simple PA provided?

(Example follows…)

Country/Western [hit enter]

3 members [hit enter]

acoustic guitar, flute, trombone, small drum kit, electric bass, acoustic bass [hit enter]

We will use our own PA system [hit enter] – or – we need a simple PA provided [hit enter]

 *How often would you like to perform at the Market this season?

Click one of the three options.

*What Saturday dates would you like to perform during the Farmer's Market season (June - guarantee of dates until scheduled)?

(Example follows… Click to see schedule)

June 17th [hit enter]

July 8th [hit enter]

August 5th [hit enter]

Please supply a promotional write-up (less than 150 words please) - like a short performer's bio.

(Example follows…Note that this is not a great example!)

We found a coffee shop to play at regularly. One evening while we were playing there, with a room full of people (about forty), there was no response from the audience. I kept bumping up the volume of the PA system. Still, no response. I finally asked, “Can anyone hear me out there?” An older gentleman at a table by himself near the back of the room with a ‘Kermit-the-Frog” voice said, “I can hear ya just fine.” Suddenly, all the other people in the room began speaking in American Sign Language across their tables to one another. Yes, they were deaf, all of them…

(this is 105 words)

*Links of live performance videos that best represent your group - one or two will be enough - can be a simple smart phone Video.

(Example follows… we need everything...including the https part)

(if you are a returning performer, just type in "Returning")

(You can also email us an MP3 live recording of yourself - this can be done with a phone or something. Make sure the mp3 file is less than 7-8 megabytes or it won't be delivered - due to file size limitations.) [hit enter] [hit enter]

Group Photo for promotional purposes. You can email me a jpeg photo (less than 5 Megapixels please), or paste in a link where I can download one. Send photo by email to:

(contact us at if you need help with this. You can click on the Contact Us Tab at the bottom of this page)