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I am posting the info on this page in order to make it easier for folks to find a better way of eating. What I am presenting is not necessarily the end-all, but many, many, people (in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands) are regaining great health they haven’t had in years, or ever had for that matter. What we thought was good nutrition in this country, is looking to be what is causing our problems. Many of us (including myself) have become bottom-heavy like the government food pyramid is. It looks like it’s time to try something new. The funny thing is, is that it’s not so new. It’s thousands of years old, and it’s based on the natural and real food that God gave us easier access to in the first place!

Please realize, your health is your responsibility. No doctor or health practitioner carries that burden. Their job is to aid you in your health goals. The catch is that there are many varied opinions out there  - good and not so good. I have found quackery at every level, and in every trade and profession in my life and in every bit of my research. And also, after talking to the many 'Walking Miracles' that have entered the doors of my shop. Every serious health practitioner I have heard of or met has been both right and no so right. So, because of this, you have to become your own experiment – your own anecdotal study - your own expert to some degree. The information I have given you in the form of these YouTube videos (below) are just a handful of the research I have done to improve my own health. I think that some of it will seem controversial, but eventually, you need to choose a direction and try it for a while and see. I definitely have chosen to be biased on a certain paradigm. This has been important in order to test any reasonable theories for long enough with out getting too scatter-brained in my quest. Every way of eating has its critics. But, maybe, you will find that this paradigm works. Many people have found that it does. I recommend that you work with a skilled health practitioner to help monitor you in your journey. Realize, also, that I believe much information from a lot of local practitioners out there is at least ten years or more out of date and obsolete. Often, the lesser of these practitioners are too lazy to learn, on their own, how to make it so that people can be de-prescribed from medication, and, actually heal. Just remember that it took a long time to get in the health mess you are in, so it can take a while to get out. I’ve been actively working at it since September of 2018, and still have much improvement to find. But, there have been some very nice short-term benefits.

Some of the great benefits that I've found for my own health were gained by working to change my habits and making better choices. The cool thing is - it’s fairly simple. Is it easy? Maybe - maybe not. But, it can be done without all the torture that other – lesser – methods require. It is totally sustainable and not the torture that calorie reduction entails. Am I eating right? No one fully knows. Am I eating better? Yes, with no doubts – far better. Remember that everybody is a little (or a lot) different. We all require essentially the same things, but have perpetrated different kinds of damage due to our poor choices. It really doesn’t include calorie counting, or starving yourself. It means that you take control and start eating real food, and not the human puppy-chow kibble that the grocery stores are packed with and trying to fob off on us. I have no problem with people making a profit. But, the producers will start producing better stuff if we create a demand for it. On the note of kibble and puppy chow, I heard a health professional say that one day, the powers that be will just make a human kibble for our ease of consumption. Well, I believe it’s already been done! Take a look in the cold cereal isle in any super market. Much of it even looks like cat or puppy food. And it’s crammed full of sugar. Not just the processed sugar, but the grains that have been turned into a drug-like substance too. Before it even gets out of your stomach, it has already been broken down into simple sugars. Your body doesn’t know the difference - unless its locked into fiber. It’s starting to be realized that the human body’s requirements for dietary sugar and carbs is Zero! Zip, Zilch, Nada! If your body needs sugar, a healthy liver is very adept at making the sugar (or glucose) it needs. It’s a process called gluconeogenesis (demand driven, not supply driven). I recommend that you start watching as many of these videos as you can. Those folks are way better at explaining things than me in the more up-to-date nutrition field. Just be prepared to learn that our once beloved idea of good nutrition is being turned on its head, and people are getting results never gotten before. Individuals by the tens of thousands (and more) are losing massive amounts of weight (and keeping it off) and improving their health in a way that’s sustainable and healthy. It’s definitely worth a look!

Some of the improvements to my health that I have experienced include: No more bleeding gums, a drastic reduction of systemic inflammation, a resting heart rate that went from 99 bpm to around 70 bpm, blood pressure that went from hypertensive to just slightly elevated, a nearly full disappearance of sleep apnea (that was very severe), I don’t feel sleepy after I eat, I rarely snack at all any more, I don’t get sleepy while driving like I used to, I lost nearly 50 pounds (still working on that), My body dumped a massive amount of uric acid (this was not fun!), Joint pain in my hands is gone…and more! I cannot promise that you will have the same results. However, you could have some results that I haven’t listed here. No, I am not selling anything here. We do sell herbs and tea blends in our store, but most of what will be recommended is bought from your local grocery store. I just want to make it more accessible for folks to find this info. It comes up a lot in my shop, so this is to make it easier to find some of the recommended videos.

Sometimes, though, it looks worse before it gets better. Don’t give up too soon! Anyway, I will let you get to the videos yourself. I will post more of them as I have time. The videos listed here are among my favorites. And, They seem to be some of the more down-to-earth folks that are seeing the best results. So, good luck in your quest and see what you can learn and do!


Tim Vosika, Co-Owner of Red Clover Herbs


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