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  • 100% THERAPEUTIC ESSENTIAL OILS -  In the last few years, we've seen a passionate resurgence in essential oils. A lot of attention has been put on quality and safety. We carry two very popular and excellent brands that are of high quality and safety. Both are considered "100% Therapeutic" or "neat" (not diluted or mixed with other substances). 
  • CARRIER OILS - A good carrier oil can make all the difference with your essential oils. We carry a variety your basic Fractionated Coconut Oil to Infused Oils (infused with herbs) so that you can get just the right one for the right oil. 
  • TINCTURES & EXTRACTS - Highly concentrated herb extracts are a quick and convenient way to get the herbs you need. Time honored combinations and high quality make these tinctures a great choice. Extracts and tinctures are great if you need a long shelf life.