What they're saying about our Harmony Blend

Came into the store today looking for an herb tea to break my long addiction to diet Pepsi. ...Tried your Red Clover tea (Harmony Blend) and loved it. I came home made a quart of it and drank the whole thing. The tea is wonderful.

Linda D.

I love my herbal teas and can truly say the Red Clover Tea (Harmony Blend) is the best tea blend I have ever had in my life. I live outside of Idaho now, sad to say, but was pleased to be able to order this blend whenever I need that perfect taste. It is a soothing, blissful, and invigorating flavor that allows me to drift away into a Zen of relaxation. If nothing else you have to at least try this stuff to experience a Kodak moment in life. I will always buy this as my choice of tea.....

Zach B.

I just wanted to let you know that we loved the tea! We used the whole package while we fought a cold. It was yummy and loved by everyone. Thanks again!

Kimberly T.

I bought your tea ..... Love it--might be my new obsession!

Anna L.

This is the best tasting tea I have ever tasted. Thanks!

Ellen T.

This is the best tea! This is my second helping! Just bought some today .... as stocking stuffers for Christmas!

Angie P.

This herbal tea blend is healthy and delicious. I love it!

Michelle T.

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What they're saying about our shop

They have a great selection of bulk herbs .... My favorite thing is how knowledgeable they are and happy to take as much time as you need to help you find the right answers for you and explain how to best use it all. 

Andrea G.

Best herbs in town. Hands down, no one else has anything that compares!!! My favorite part is they have open bulk herbs, so I can get exactly what I need! If you haven't visited them you are missing out! Thank you, Tim & Liesl for personally helping me.

Homer C.

As one who loves the fine things in life, I was so glad I found this hidden novelty gem of a store. 

Zach B.

This is a wonderful place with wonderful people and quality goods! They also sell the best tea I've ever tasted!

Jyrah S.


1655 S Woodruff Ave. Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Mon - Fri 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday 11am - 5pm

Closed Sunday for time for family and worship.

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