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What Our Customers Say

"We loved the tea! We used the whole package while we fought a cold. It was yummy and loved by everyone."


"I love my herbal teas and can truly say the red clover tea is the best tea blend I have ever had in my life...It is a soothing, blissful, and invigorating flavor that allows me to drift away into a Zen of relaxation. If nothing else you have to at least try this stuff to experience a Kodak moment of life. I will always buy this as my choice tea as long as it’s sold."


"This place is AMAZING! Super nice and knowledgeable owner. First place anywhere even remotely near me that had EVERYTHING I was looking for, and then some. And I’m SO glad I did not walk out without the Harmony Blend tea! Is it, no exaggeration, the BEST herbal tea I have ever enjoyed!"


"The tea and oils have improved my quality of life so much! With Red Clover's remedies, I am a normal person again! If you suffer from allergies, you'll know I'm not exaggerating when I say that being symptom free feels like a miracle."


"I really appreciated the help and advice I received to try to solve my problems naturally!"


"Once I tried their blend of herbal tea I got rid of every other. So perfectly blended and sweet it hardly needs honey, forget sugar all together. I also buy them out of stock as often as I can for “wild lettuce”. My husband was looking for alternative treatments for pain and learned that this was how the pioneers treated pain. I have since been able to lower my pain meds."


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