Entertainer Application Page - Idaho Falls Farmer's Market

Hi Entertainers!

We have a new venue and other changes this season: The Idaho Falls Farmers' Market is excited and happy to invite musicians and bands to perform this season at our new location! 

Music will usually run at the market from: June 3rd to September 30th. There are about 18 Saturdays that need to be booked. We book a 2-hour set from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Location: The Idaho Falls Farmers' Market is changing locations from the Key Bank parking lot to Memorial Drive (Memorial Drive will be closed off between A and D streets next to the green belt). The new location has opened up new opportunities for expansion and growth.

Better musician exposure: Instead of having to tuck musicians away, they will be featured close to our new food court area and thereby have greater interaction opportunities with with the audience. Keep in mind that as a performer, the audience is typically “walk-by”, and you are generally there for ambiance purposes.

New online application: Since the Farmer’s Market has a limited budget and is generally run by volunteer members, we are needing to make the application process as simple as possible for us – we have full-time jobs and other responsibilities that take much of our time. So, we will not be sending out printed applications to entertainers. You must fill out our online application below.

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