Heal Thyself!

A certain philosophy that Liesl and I have adopted over the years was simply this...Heal Thyself!

No one is generally more interested in how you feel than you. And, if you are letting yourself go and others are getting more concerned for you than you, realize that, ultimately, your health is your responsibility. This seems basic and you can refer to me as “Captain Obvious” now. But, doctors, naturapaths, iridologists, herbalists, oncologists, and any sort of health care worker, are not responsible for your health. That is your job. That does not mean that you can’t get help. It means you are not there to take orders from anyone. It means that you consult with those that you think can point you in the right direction, and make the best decisions that you know how. I recommend learning more about natural healing. If you ‘ignore’ it and just wait for others to tell you – you are risking becoming ‘ignorant’. There are massive amounts of info to know, and often times what there is to know and learn gets complicated. I like simple, personally. Simple is something I can do. Complicated is something that I would, probably, give up on over time. One little change at a time. Eat a lot more quality vegetables, drink enough quality water, and boost with great herbs and natural supplements (just different forms of food in reality) as you are learning better nutrition. You also, may want to stay away from modern Frankenwheat, too (but this is a whole other subject). Anyway, that is a little how I think.

Be wary of the “Bandwagon”...If these guys are talking about this, it must be the new cure-all! Maybe - maybe not!  Let’s all jump on the wagon! This means that things like TV health shows are trying to excite you about the new products that they are featuring because of needing new things to keep their show fresh. Often times, people come into our shop (or call us) and ask us if we have a certain product that was mentioned on TV. So many times we haven’t even heard of it! Neither has the other stores in town that sell that kind of thing. And then the quest begins to find a product that may not even be on the market very long. In reality, Red Clover H & M (in combination with the other stores) already has most of what you need (regarding nutritional supplements) in different forms, or can easily get an item. We have over 200 bulk herbs here, and most herbalists often use only about 20 – 25 different herbs. However, new products can be a good thing as we learn more about how natural health and good nutrition really works!

Okay...it's a little shorter...This is the end – hopefully you got something good from this.

Take Care!


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