It's Interesting!

Yes, there are a lot of sunken ships, wrecked cars, and personal failures (just educational moments - right?), but let's ponder a little about all the journeys and ventures that succeeded - big and little. Look at our first big vacation, many moments after work spending time with the family, working on hobbies, or just watching a really cool movie. Or, how about the many cars passing in the opposite lane that didn't swerve into our lane? It's even better when emergency personnel get paid and - for a moment - have no customers! What about the time you found a hair in your food while eating out, and the management overcompensated (true story)?

Even with some of the bumps, bruises, cuts, and scrapes, most of us have had some interesting and wonderful moments along the way. Even with all the bad, it's amazing to think about all the things that could have gone wrong and didn't - how well some things work in spite of the odds. It's interesting to explore all the beautiful and good things that happen, especially when we're not looking.

We hope you can join in and explore the obvious and obscure good that goes on all around us, and also because of all of us!

Thanks for reading, and please let us hear your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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