Awesome Song about Fathers!

Song Title: Father's Legacy

About this song....I always said at live shows when I played this song...that the first verse is about my father, the second verse is about me, and the 3rd verse is about the good example! My kids are referred to as "shadows"...who will succeed my choreography.

Basically, even with flaws that all fathers have, there is, often, still a kind of beauty and nobility that emanates from the true loving dads out there, even as we scratch our heads in concerned wonder.

So, the first time the chorus of oohs and aahs plays, it actually is saying oh and mmm with a little concern behind it with a backing of a nice harmony that illustrates the dark and hidden beauty mentioned. After the 3rd verse, it is really now oh and awe...because now we have the truly good that when our fathers disappoint us (and most will), we still have an excellent source on good parenting - the top source - to draw from when we discover ourselves faltering as moms, dads, and kids.

The rest I will leave to your imagination! We would love to hear some good stories about good fathers you may know.




  • RCHM Tim

    Thanks so much for the comment!

  • Dixean Grimes

    Loved the video. Very imformative and discriptive. Momma T does a great job. Video is clear and smoothe, loud enough to herar well. Thanks you!
    Tim’s song was beautiful and soothing.

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