Am I Important?

This question - I'm sure – has plagued hordes of folks….Am I important? Is a mother important, is a father important? Community leaders, mentors, coaches, spiritual leaders, soldiers, and many other people with titles are, arguably, very important. There are decent ordinary people I know who are searching in excessively lofty places to try and place themselves in this light. It seems that maybe they are worried that they missed the importance clothing sale, and are bloating themselves to fit into a large artificial suit of importance.

Some of these would-be importance shoplifters may have their sights on ideas that are – most likely – unrealistic. This, of course, Is my opinion. But, the people I'm speaking of are fathers, mothers, mentors, coaches, soldiers, and the list goes on. An older gentleman I knew once told me that he prayed and asked God that if he (not God) was an equal with our founding fathers, why wasn't he persecuted and hunted like they were. Later he said that was his biggest mistake, because he too, was now being hunted and persecuted. Maybe I didn't know him well enough, but I never could see any evidence of this kind of importance in him. However, it does not mean that this man was not important. He was a father, a friend, a husband, and the list can go on. I think that he just undervalued his true worth in life.

I know we read and watch TV shows about famous thinkers, warriors, super-geeks, great suffragettes, multi-billionaires, and sometimes wonder why not us. Well, I think it's not most of us – they are the clear minority. If you look back on the thousands of years of known civilization, we know almost nothing about the vast majority of what occurred to countless individuals. They are not famous to us – that does not indicate their lack of value and the support they gave. I think that most of those people never asked to be put in their position of importance. Some of these guys were poorly educated people (like Henry Ford) that were highly driven, or rose to meet extraordinary circumstances, or just lucky, and unlucky all at the same time – depending on the situation.

The cool thing is that these peoples' hard lessons can be easy education for the rest of us. As we explore our true and highly valuable importance, maybe we can find real peace in our own real worth when we help a neighbor, or a stranger. Or, when we are raising our kids for the minimum commitment of 18 years. And if we don't have kids, our importance of working with our parents or mentors (or the people we mentor) to help each other grow mutually.

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