Muslin tea bags
Muslin tea bags
Muslin tea bags
Muslin tea bags
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100% Cotton Muslin Tea Bag

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Want to brew up your own herbal blends for tea, infusions or baths? Use them for potpourri or for an impromptu sachet. 

These 100% cotton re-usable muslin herb bags with draw-string come in several different sizes:

  • 3x5 in tea bag - Best size for making 1 cup of tea (about 2 tablespoons of herb)
  • 4x6 in tea bag - Best size for making 1 quart of tea (about 1/2 cup of herb) 
  • 6x8 in tea bag - Best size for making 1/2 gallon of tea (about 1 cup of dried herb)

The bags may be brewed with and then emptied, washed, dried and re-used. When brewing and infusing, be sure to under fill the herb bag in order to accommodate the expansion of dried herbs when soaked.

USEFUL HINT: We have found that washing the tea bags in the top rack of the dishwasher works well. We give them a quick rinse after to make sure there's no soap remnant on them. 


What is muslin?

Muslin refers to a cotton cloth of varying styles of weave, from sheer gauze to fine linen. Perhaps the best representation of the latter is jamdani, also known as daka, a fine muslin produced for centuries in Dhaka, now the capital of Bangladesh. At one time, linen muslin was popular in dress-making from the 1700s through the early 20th century.

These muslin bags are made of a simple linen type weave that you wouldn’t want to make a dress out of, but they’re perfect for making large batches of tea, spice and seasoning sacks, herbal sachets or bath bags.