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"Solving the Depression Puzzle" Paperback BOOK

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"Solving the Depression Puzzle" by Rita Elkins M.H.

Depression - one of the top reasons Americans visit their doctors every year - is typically viewed as a one-dimensional health condition. Conventional medicine often sites a single cause (such as chemical imbalance) and recommends a single "cure" (antidepressant drugs like Prozac or Zoloft).

In Solving the Depression Puzzle, author Rita Elkins explains how depression is, in fact, multidimensional. Its causes are usually varied and interconnected, ranging from food allergies to prescription drugs to strained family relationships. Likewise, overcoming depression most often will require a multidimensional treatment. A combination of dietary regiments, natural supplements (such as St. John's wort) physical exercise and / or meditative therapies may be in order.

This accessible and reader-friendly guide provides an investigative approach to piecing together the complex puzzle we call depression. Armed with hundreds of facts on depression your doctor will never tell you, dozens of the latest research studies, and advice from leading experts in the field, Solving the Depression Puzzle will help you beat your depression and regain a joyful, optimistic outlook.

Paperback, 366 pages, English, Woodland Pub, 2001