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Shepherd's Purse Tincture

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SHEPHERD'S PURSE (Capsella bursa pastoris)

PART USED: Aerial portion

PROPERTIES: Hemostatic (stops bleeding), Styptic, Astringent, Sudorific

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Circulatory, Urinary, Digestive

POSSIBLE USES: hemorrhage after childbirth, nosebleeds, blood in the urine or from the bowels (any type of bleeding really), cystitis, diarrhea

Side note: The name of this herb derives from the shape of the seed pods, which resemble the small, heart-shaped satchels that were carried by shepherds of former years. During the first World War, when the standard medicines for staunching bleeding—Goldenseal and Ergot—were unobtainable in Britain, the common Shepherd’s Purse was used instead and credited for saving many lives.

The herbal midwives that I know swear by Shepherd’s Purse as one of the best ways to stop uterine hemorrhage after childbirth. Certainly, I have seen this herb work miracles time after time. I have used Shepherd’s Purse to control bleeding, both at births, and with my family for many other types of bleeding.

Shepherd’s Purse is an astringent herb and is used to disinfect the kidneys in cystitis and for slowing diarrhea. Believed to be anti-inflammatory and helpful in reducing fevers.

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