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Le Sego Lily Blend Essential Oil

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A light, airy beautiful and uplifting aroma that can calm and inpiring us to show love and appreciation to others.


  • Aids in a feeling of calmness during a crisis
  • Supports good skin care and health
  • Calms itching conditions


EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: The aromatic influence of LeSego Lily is, in part, to bring a feeling of calmness during a crisis or when feeling anxious and out of sorts. LeSego Lily also promotes a feeling of being loved and appreciated. Its aroma often inspires us to show love and appreciation to others.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Physically, LeSego Lily is a blend for skin care and health. It promotes skin elasticity and may seem to slow the process of aging as it nourishes the skin and smooths out wrinkles. LeSego Lily is used to bring relief from the itching of hives and allergic rashes. When used for this purpose, a more emollient carrier oil containing jojoba, apricot, or rosehip oil would be beneficial.

INGREDIENTS: Copaiba Balsam, Grapefruit, Rosewood, Vanilla CO2

AROMA: Citrus, Floral

RESONANCE: Physical, Emotional

AFFINITY FOR: skin, heart chakra, emotional health


Topical Use: Diffuse or wear as a perfume. Diluted, LeSego Lily makes an excellent massage oil and is excellent in the bath.

Diffused: LeSego Lily is light and airy with a beautiful, uplifting, and calming aroma.

Good carrier oil when dealing with rashes: Jojoba, Apricot or Rosehip