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Patchouli Essential Oil

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PATCHOULI (Pogostemon cablin)

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: anti-inflammatory, tissue regenerative, tonic, cytophylactic, antiseptic, decongestant, antibiotic, antifungal, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, astringent, calmative, nervine

AFFINITY FOR: reproductive system, hormones, urinary tract, liver, yang energy, sacral chakra, stomach meridian

RESONANCE: physical, emotional


PART UTILIZED: leaves, flowers

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The aroma of Patchouli oil is very calming and centering. It helps bring about a cooperative effort between your heart and your head. Self-imposed barriers and limitations seem to melt away. Patchouli can relieve anxiety, fear, and indecision.

APPLICATION: Patchouli is a great skin oil. Dilute and apply it everywhere!

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: Patchouli encourages us to dream of new horizons and work toward new goals. Patchouli is a vital ingredient in any essential oil blend that targets our perspective on money, material possessions, or lack of abundance issues of any kind.

Patchouli is especially suited to people with strong constitutions who rarely pay any attention to their health as they pursue their material goals. Almost without warning, they eventually collapse, both mentally and physically. Patchouli is a valuable aid to their recovery and helps them achieve a balance in their lives that prevents a reoccurrence of this pattern.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Patchouli is an oil I have come to love for its effect on physical exhaustion and chronic fatigue. Patchouli is a tissue regenerating oil. It aids with scarring, rashes, eczema, and bacterial and fungal infections. Patchouli is especially good for vaginal infections such as candida and others.

Patchouli essential oil improves hormone balance and aids the liver and kidneys by discharging toxins. Patchouli can help with constipation when the emotional roots are holding on to every material thing and element of safety that we can.

This essential oil has been used in programs for substance addiction. It is a very good oil for chapped skin, athlete’s feet, ringworm, and weeping wounds. Patchouli’s affinity for liver function makes it a valuable oil for allergies and mild autoimmune disorders.

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