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Mullein Tincture

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MULLEIN LEAF (Verbascum thapsus)


PROPERTIES: Tonic (heart, respiratory), Diuretic—mildly but Demulcent so often added to kidney formulas, Expectorant (and again provides its own demulcent properties), Vulnerary, Anti-inflammatory, Astringent, Nervine, Antispasmodic, Pectoral

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Cardiovascular, Integumentary, Respiratory, Structural, Urinary, Lymphatic, Endocrine/Glandular, Nerves

POSSIBLE USES: earaches, bronchitis, coughs, pneumonia, allergies, asthma, lymph congestion, kidneys

Mullein is a true multi-purpose herb, with many properties that are useful for many systems in many ways. In reviewing my herbal notes I found such references as “Mullein has a particular affinity for the respiratory organs,” and “Mullein is of particular use in pulmonary complaints,” and “Mullein is particularly useful to the urinary tract and the eliminative organs,” and “Mullein is particularly useful in calming and quieting inflamed and irritated nerves.” In other words, Mullein is useful in just about any circumstance and with any body system. Mullein is one of my favorite and most often reached for herbs.

Mullein has the unique distinction of being both astringent (drying to tissues) when drying is needed, and demulcent (healing and soothing) when this is needed. I have added Mullein to a great many formulas, especially kidney/bladder ones, as a protective agent and to guarantee that accidental overuse will not result in further irritation and possible damage. You never make a mistake when choosing Mullein.

Mullein flowers and leaves are used to treat lymphatic congestion that results in earaches, toothaches, and even hemorrhoids.