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Jojoba Carrier Oil

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JOJOBA OIL (Simmondsia chinensis)


CONSISTENCY: heavy weight, goes solid if refrigerated, yellow color


APPLICATION: Can be used 100% by itself, but is best blended with a lighter carrier oil.

GENERAL INFORMATION: While Jojoba is traditionally categorized as a vegetable oil, it is more properly labeled as a liquid wax. Jojoba absorbs deeply and reasonably quickly into the skin. Its properties closely resemble the natural sebum within human skin and helps to balance the skin's natural moisturizers. Jojoba Oil contains natural anti-inflammatory properties making it an excellent addition to carrier oils that will be used for arthritis or pain.

Jojoba is a very stable oil with a very low rancidity factor. It has the reputation of extending the shelf life of other carrier oils to which it is added. It is a bit too heavy for use by itself, except on a small patch of skin, here and there. It is wonderful when added as 10% to 15% of a carrier oil blend.

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