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Herbal Detox Salve

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Nerve Pain & Toxin Release Blend

May be useful in relieving nerve pain by targeting and removing the negative electrical energy caused by nerve issues or nerve damage. 

Herbal Detox may be useful in relieving nerve pain by targeting and removing the negative electrical energy caused by nerve issues or nerve damage. This in turn can increase circulation and help reduce inflammation. Nettle, Oregon Grape, White Pine, and Meadowsweet, are the main ingredients used to produce this result.

Nettle has traditionally been used to open the vessels, thus increasing circulation and uplifting a weary body, relieving fatigue and exhaustion. It has also been used to dispel darkness and fear and to drive off evil and negativity.

The second ingredient, Oregon Grape, is known as Yerba de la Sangre, “herb of the blood,” in the Spanish-American tradition, indicating its widespread use as a blood purifier. As this herb is purifying the blood it is allowing the detox process to take place.

The third, White Pine, has been used by many Native Americans as a warming, circulation stimulating, herb in many herbal healing combinations. It has also had spiritual significance by providing strength, grounding, and growth, as well as cleansing and repelling negativity.

The fourth herb, Meadowsweet, has been thought to treat many conditions involving uric acid deposits and subsequent inflammation and pain. It has also had a purpose in helping during times of distress by removing disharmony and tension in the spirit and body.

Apply topically to painful areas of the body as needed. This blend works well in conjunction with the Herbal Release formula.

External use only.

Ingredients: Lanolin, Nettle, Oregon Grape Root, White Pine Bark, Meadowsweet, Beeswax, Lime Oil, Vitamin E, Soy Oil


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