All Natural Flapjacks
All Natural Flapjacks
All Natural Flapjacks
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All Natural Flapjacks

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Organic Wheat (not gluten-free):

  • Great for larger gatherings
  • Three individual batches of flapjack mix
  • Makes 30 6″ flapjacks
  • All natural ingredients
  • Family Favorite


An excellent choice for the gluten sensitive!

Many people think buckwheat is a cereal grain. It is actually a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb & sorrel. It contains no protein glutens. Studies show buckwheat help lower the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

  • 3 batch package
  • Each batch makes 10 – 5 ” flapjacks.

The 3 Buckaroos:

Gluten free Ivory or Brown Teff are sweet tasting grains unlike any other. Brown Teff has a subtle nut-like flavor and Ivory Teff has a more mild flavor. Teff is tinier than a poppy seed and just 2 oz. of Teff has as much protein as an extra large egg. Gluten-free buckwheat groats have a mild buckwheat flavor.

Low in fat and high in fiber & protein
3 batch package
Each batch makes 10 – 5″ Flapjacks