Colloidal Silver 32fl oz
Colloidal Silver 32fl oz
Colloidal Silver 32fl oz
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Colloidal Silver 32fl oz

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True Authentic Original Colloidal Silver!

Known as "The Nuclear Weapon of Medicine" the authentic true original Colloidal Silver takes a long and arduous process to manufacture. At Amazing Healthy Formulas, they have researched long and hard to find the truth regarding the right process to make the best real authentic Colloidal Silver on the market.  

Benefits Include:

- supports immune function

- supports respiratory system

- supports digestive system

- plus much more!


Traditionally Colloidal Silver has been used as an antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic remedy. Because of regulatory compliance, we encourage independent research on true colloidal silver.

Recommended by Naturopatic Doctors and Holistic Practitioners. 

Use externally or internally.