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Calendula Infused Oil

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CALENDULA OIL (Calendula officinalis)

EXTRACTION METHOD: Calendula flowers infused in Almond Oil

CONSISTENCY: medium weight, very light yellow color


APPLICATION: Calendula Carrier Oil can be used all by itself, 100%.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: slight flower aroma

GENERAL INFORMATION: Calendula is one of the best vulnerary (good for the healing of wounds) plants ever. Calendula is anti-inflammatory. It is useful for vein health and circulatory issues such as varicose veins, spider veins and bruises. Calendula is one of the best healers for skin rashes, hives, eczema and psoriasis, leg ulcers, and bed sores that are difficult to heal. Using the appropriate essential oil, coupled with the healing properties of Calendula Infused Oil as a carrier, provides a “double whammy” of healing. Some examples would include: LeBaby Me for diaper rash or stretch marks; LeAgeLess for a facial skin conditioner; LeMelaPlus or LePurify on insect bites; and LeDeeper for the pain of shingles. Calendula would also be good used with Helichrysum on recent injuries to prevent or minimize scarring.

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