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Blue Cohosh Tinture

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BLUE COHOSH (Caulophyllum thalictroides)


PROPERTIES: Alterative, Adaptogenic, Tonic, Stimulant, Relaxant (yes, it is both, depending on need and circumstances), Analgesic, Demulcent, Emmenagogue

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Reproductive, Muscular

POSSIBLE USES: during labor, pain relief, muscle tension, arthritis, urinary disorders

Blue Cohosh contains phosphorus and potassium (and likely other things I cannot find documented). Blue Cohosh is used extensively for things related to pregnancy and childbirth. Like Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh is often part of formulas taken in the last weeks of pregnancy to prepare the woman’s body for birth. The relaxant properties of Blue Cohosh are especially useful when stress and tension are producing uterine irritability, spasmodic false labor pains, and overly strong Braxton-Hicks contractions in the weeks prior to birth.

During labor, Blue Cohosh aids the uterus in producing regular and effective contractions with good rest periods in between. I have seen Blue Cohosh, in both herbal and homeopathic form, strengthen a labor that is stalling out due to fatigue and uterine inertia. At those times I have breathed a heavy sigh of relief, knowing that we have just averted a likely Caesarean section surgery for mom and baby because labor would just not get underway properly.

Blue Cohosh is often combined with Black Cohosh; these are complementary plants with similarly beneficial nervine and antispasmodic properties. Combined with other system specific herbs, both Cohoshes are used to treat nervous disorders, urinary tract problems, relief of muscle cramps including menstrual and stomach cramps, bronchial disorders, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Use Blue (and Black) Cohosh with caution during pregnancy prior to labor or when wanting labor to kick in more productively. In rare cases, Blue Cohosh is what is needed to relax pelvic structures to prevent an impending miscarriage.

Some herbal references recommend against using the Cohoshes in a tea as the best medicinal parts are not thought to be water soluble.

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