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Avocado Virgin Carrier Oil

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AVOCADO VIRGIN OIL (Persea gratissima)

EXTRACTION METHOD: expeller pressed, refined, or virgin

CONSISTENCY: medium weight, refined, has a very light color, the virgin oil is dark green and can so slightly solid when cold.


APPLICATION: Avocado Oil is quite light and absorbs reasonably quickly so is sometimes used by itself on particularly damaged skin patches. Generally, however, it is used as a percentage in carrier oil mixtures.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Refined Avocado Oil has a slight nutty aroma, Virgin Avocado Oil has a stronger nutty smell.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Avocado Oil is a rich oil that penetrates deeply into the skin. It is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, all wonderful skin nourishing vitamins. Like all good carrier oils, Avocado contains oleic and linoleic acids. Avocado Oil is excellent for use with dry or aging skin, with eczema or psoriasis, and for sun or wind damaged skin. Avocado Oil is said to have a sufficiently high sterol content to be useful as a carrier when using essential oils for joint and muscle inflammation and pain.

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