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"A Soothing Broth" Hardcover BOOK

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"A Soothing Broth" by Pat Willard

Honking and wheezing? Plumbing all messed up? Change of seasons got you down? Need a little pick-me-up?

Pat Willard has just the ticket to get you back on track.  While poring over weathered, vintage cookbooks, Pat found a treasure trove of recipes from the days when ailing family members were cared for at home, and everyday aches, pains, and complaints were dealt with by turning to the kitchen pantry.  With a style reminiscent of M.F.K.  Fisher and Laurie Colwin, and a tone as soothing as Pat's suggestions, 
A Soothing Broth includes recipes for homemade broths, tonics, juices, puddings, and teas.

If a sore throat has you croaking like a frog, relieve the pain with a vinegar and cayenne pepper beverage.  If you've overdone it at the gym, soak those aching muscles in a warm bath with some ginger and vinegar.  A paste of wheat germ and honey will relieve the itching and take down the swelling of that nasty bee sting.

You've got a cupboard full of cures in your kitchen, and 
A Soothing Broth shows you how to use them.

Hardcover, 224 pages, English, Broadway, 1998