Jam Rules

Basic Jam Rules so Far...

  • Please come in quietly if you come late...thanks! You will be added to the end of the list for song choice, but after 1st round is played. We will explain at the jam.
  • The group gets say on whether or not a song is played (to cut down on jam buster songs)...final say is by event organizer.
  • 12 years old or older (unless a child shows enough maturity and just really wants to jam!)
  • We can’t have kids (or adults) turned loose to run around the gym, or the building
  • Family friendly songs, lyrics, language, and behavior please
  • You are required to have FUN! Please don’t bring a bunch of politics into our fun
  • Try to suggest songs and tunes that aren’t total jamb busters – this is a, somewhat, open session
  • No music lessons….If you happen to play better then the rest, great! But, don’t take over and show off. Please leave egos at door...thx!
  • If you don’t want to jam and just want to come and listen...you are invited!
  • Acoustic instruments only, except maybe an electric bass.
  • Horns and woodwinds (sax’s too) aren’t generally brought to these types of jams
  • We can have percussive instruments (full drum sets are probably too loud and complicated for a jam like this)
  • Please help us maintain and pick up the space before leaving
  • There will be no other activities going on in the same space during our scheduled building times
  • Let’s make this work, we don’t want to be uninvited by the City of Iona, or to find reasons to add more rules to this list...thanks!