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A minimum of $5 per month can get your name listed in the credits as a contributor in all of our future videos for the next year! We are working at giving higher pledges rewards that will give you VIP discounts in our store, maybe get a special pledge mug, or T-shirt (design in progress).

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If you would like to make a more formal and substantial investment, contact us by phone (208-528-8855), or come into our shop and meet with us....Click Here for our Location. Your investment could be to put in serious sweat equity too!

We'll see what different folks can bring to the table. We have considered converting our store to a form of corporation or LLC so that we can sell shares, or percentages of the business that can lead to financial returns.


A Little Bit of Our Story...

In order for Red Clover Herbs & Market to move forward and develop into a stronger business that will be able to serve for a long time to come, we are working to raise funds to invest in it's business development.

We literally started this business with next to nothing - a small amount of inventory that we acquired on loan through liquidation from the previous business in this location, zero capital, and $400 cash...oh, and some free help and advice from the Small Business Development Center. Heck, we aren't sure how we were able to pay the first month's rent, but we did! Our business currently has no dept (paid off last year), and we have never missed paying a single expense. Already though, we have sold thousands of pounds of our house blend herbal tea - locally, and nationally. We have shipped (multiple times) to cities like Chicago, New York City, LA area. States we have shipped to include Oregon, Washington, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, California, Nevada, Arizona, New York, Illinois, Minnesota, and more! If we were to market more properly, there looks to be a very solid market out there for us.

However, there has been a financial hurdle that we have been working very hard to get over. As we have been working to grow our store, the overhead - which is about as low as we can get it for now - drains our funds too far to invest in new products and to fully restock all items sold. This causes us to prioritize items to restock as we have funds. It's a kind of rolling blackout of products, except that the top sellers are prioritized. We think this has lead to some customer frustration and subsequently the drop in sales we have been experiencing. We believe that if we increase our inventory's breadth and depth, we could attract more customers for a stronger financial base. Furtharmore, having funds to hire a webmaster, marketer, and salespeople (instead of us trying to DIY everything) will help us to have time to focus on more than customer service and basic operations. These things are very important of course, but they cause us to have less time to work on future projects. One has only so much time in a day!

Another project we are already in the process of doing, is getting our main products into a wholesale market. Over the last few years, different owners from herbal shops in other states, have expressed a strong interest in carrying our Red Clover Blend Herbal Tea - being renamed Harmony Blend. We have now fulfilled the requirements to sell wholesale...but with our shortfalls of cash, everything seems to take 10 times longer than it should. 

Educational videos have become a bit of priority. We have teamed up with Mama T, an outstandingly knowledgeable foraging herbalist. She is helping us to make lots of video content which, over time, will greatly help to increase traffic to our website. Free content has been a key player in attracting many customers to make successful businesses and websites. We also possess a passion for teaching and educating about different subjects, especially herbs and natural health! As we move forward with our videos, one of our big goals over time is to produce 29 hour-and-a-half long videos for the herbal school that Mama T is developing for more online interaction. She already has a small operation teaching this in person.

YOUR SUPPORT MEANS EVERYTHING TO US! No kidding here...without your generosity and patronage, our goals will be much, much, slower and more limited and difficult to make happen. And, if we keep going the way we are, our shop will have to be consolidated and closed eventually. Our overhead is eating into our ability to expand. We want to continue to provide education, entertainment, and better product selection for those that really love natural health and would like to have a friendly local establishment to provide it better and more personably here in the Idaho Falls area.