Brain Training Basics

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 Our Brain Has the Power to Create

We are always creating whether we know it or not. The question is, what are you creating? Do you like it? Would you like to know how to create something else? Let me show you some simple steps to point your brain in the right direction 

~ Michael Reynolds....Click this link to see Michael in the news.

This 53 minute - fun and inspirational - audio album - can be listened to here on this widget for free, or purchased at a low price and enjoyed at a convenient location!

 It is divided into 8 chapters so that you can jump to (and repeat) different sections more easily. It is recommended that you listen to this in order the first time. You can click on the individual tracks below to hear a sample of each chapter. As a gift, you can listen to the whole class here for free! If you want to download this class for burning to a CD or putting it on your mp3 player, you can just click on the Buy Album button and you will be taken to the CD Baby website.  

Listen to this audio training if...

  • You want to focus your mind
  • You have a goal
  • You need more confidence
  • You want to increase income
  • You want to find your voice
  • There is something missing
  • You want to help your family
  • You are looking for direction
  • You want to overcome fear 

What you can learn:

  • To control your emotions
  • How to clean up your mind clutter
  • How to train your brain

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About Michael Reynolds

Michael loves to train! He started out with horses and now he is turning his attention to the brain. The mind is a powerful tool and it doesn't show up knowing how to succeed. Listen and let Michael show you how you can train your brain.