New Bulk Herb Policy

Our New Bulk Herb Policy can Save you 30%
...Check This Out!

If you don't mind waiting for our shipping schedule for our bulk herbs, we have a new policy than can save you 30% on your bulk herb purchase...

...If you special order and pre-pay 1 whole pound (or specific unit item is sold in) anything we can get through our main supplier, you will get 30% off the shelf price!*

There is (at least) one exception to this rule...
Vanilla beans (from Madagascar) can be purchased for $58 for 1/4 pound (about 26-28 beans). This is a good price! But they are not always available.

Make sure you mention this email if you want to pre-order larger amounts of herbs from us*.

Orders can be made over the phone and shipped, but basic shipping costs will apply.

Take Care!

~ Red Clover

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