An Update from Red Clover!

Our Red Clover Blend Herbal Tea, which is being renamed Harmony Blend, is nearly ready (the new packaging) for the shelves. The Labels are finished and we have done a full mock-up with the new sticker material on the new packaging, and it seems to be working great. Soon, the new labels will be revealed, and we will be ready for the wholesale market!

For many years, Liesl and I (Tim) were somewhat nutty about backpacking, in fact, ba pa, was one of our oldest son's first words! One of the fist wholesale markets we are pursuing is the world of backpacking and camping. We wished that we'd have thought about this years ago! Now we can combine more of our passions together - great herbal/nutritional products with the best memories of our lives! Dried herbal tea is already dehydrated and light weight; it easily works into a backpacker's menu. What better herbal blend to take with you camping than Red Clover's own house blend!

....Many thanks to all our loyal customers....Please tell your friends about Red Clover Herbs & Market....Help us to stay located in Idaho Falls and make our vision of great service to become a reality!

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  • Victoria

    Great job T and Liesl

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