A Few Notes from Red Clover!

by Tim Vosika, Co-Owner

First....We wanted to make the pre-announcement that we will be changing the name of our store's flagship product Red Clover Blend to Harmony Blend. This is to reduce any confusion about the blend because we are nearly ready to start our wholesale program. There will be no changes whatsoever to the recipe itself. Plus, we are upgrading the packaging to reclosable packages. Also, if anyone is interested in reselling our Red Clover Blend (soon to be Harmony Blend), contact us and we can discuss it...we are nearly ready to sell wholesale...just waiting for our new labels to be finished.

Second....We are looking for ideas and advice to raise capital in order to get our business moving forward out of stagnation. The Idaho Falls market has been sluggish, and we are looking to drastically improve our local marketing, website, and online marketing. 

Because we are currently growing too slowly to hire any employees, we end up not being able to do much marketing and such since we are always personally manning the store. Doing all of our business DIY is very cumbersome. One idea to raise some capital is to sell discount memberships for a certain standing rate (like 15-20%) that will last for a given period of time, also we may do a Go Fund Me campaign. We may also be willing to sell some ownership in the business too. Please let us know if you have any solid fundraising ideas, advice, or if you are interested in helping us raise capital. We aren't interested in getting any loans, and the store is debt free - Dave Ramsey all they way!). This is not a gong out of business notice...it's the opposite...we want to go up in business.

Third....Many thanks to all our loyal customers....Please tell your friends about Red Clover Herbs & Market....Help us to make our vision of great service become reality!

Please leave your comments in the comment section below...we want to hear what you have to say!


  • Tim@RC

    Thanks for your comment Paula! We’re still trying to figure out our formulas…maybe someday we can achieve better consistency…we sure hope to!

  • Paula

    More consistent, not necessarily longer, emails which include information on different products and herbs. THANKS!

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