What Do My Thoughts Have to Do with My Health?

by Dr. Victoria Terry, ND
Traditional Naturopath

The attitude of the mind will either work for you or against you and your over-all well-being. So many times we have read or heard that all illness begins in the gut, and this is very true in an indirect way. Our life’s degenerative state actually begins in the “BRAIN”, that’s right, the brain. For centuries it has been accepted among the medical professionals that 80% to 90% of all illness begins in the brain. I personally believe that number to be 100% based on the percentage of people I deal with in my practice.

Our bodies are so fearfully and wonderfully designed by the greatest human engineer of all time, the Lord God himself. He designed us with the most comprehensive system of all time. Our brain itself is an electrical generator all on its own. It is true that our entire body runs on a magnetic electrical system or better known as “Frequency”. It is so beautifully orchestrated; however there is one organ within the body system that is most dependent on the brain’s electrical output. That organ is the beloved, “LIVER.” I am sure you have heard the term, “Love your Liver.” Let me tell you the reason why the liver is so dependent on the brain.

If there are nay short circuits to the brain, the communication between the brain and the liver are lost, resulting in inability of the brain to tell the liver to pick up the calcium it is needed, causing a chain reaction in the proper function of the other organs within the body system.

However, the greatest cause of interference to the brains proper electrical flow to the liver are the emotions of hate, bitterness, worry, fear, lust, and self-centeredness.

Remember the old, school playground cliché’, Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?” That is the BIGGEST LIE, ever told. Words are extremely powerful to the human mind. What we say, what we think, what we act on, all cause emotional disruptions to the normal flow of electrical frequency within the whole body.

This disruption is the beginning of degenerative diseases.

Now, this is only a small glimpse of how our thoughts affect our well-being. I could give a 4 hour chat on this subject alone and how our thoughts as well as the words others say to or about us, actually affect our health in general.

In summary, negative thoughts and words disrupt the normal healthy frequency within our body functions, indirectly causing a disruption in new cell building and repair. Understanding the way the bodies function, it is not difficult to relate the abundance of negativity we come in contact with daily and the relationship of the overwhelming growth of disease we see, hear and read about today.

The Good News is, you can take charge of your well-being. Making the proper changes per your personal body chemistry through the right nutrition, the right exercise, the right supplemental program as needed. This can be done via a simple affordable, non-invasive Urine and Saliva test. Take time and click here to visit my website. This test is called the RBTI test. Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. Once you have read through the information and wish to make an appointment with me, simply text me at (208)569-9589.

“Together, we can make a Difference”



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