pH, Parasites & Well-Being

by Dr. Victoria Terry, ND
Traditional Naturopath

Did you know in the United States alone, it is estimated that over 80% of the people have an overgrowth of parasites in their bodies? It kind of gives me the ebiee jeebies when I think about those little critters moving around inside someone’s body.

Studies have shown that gut or intestinal parasites have become a major health problem right here in the United States. This is especially true in homes with pets. Small children are the most likely to have parasites as a result of their floor activities and such. This does not mean that, if you don’t have pets, you don’t have parasites. All I am saying is that those with pets are more likely to have parasites.

It's a fact that anyone with a saliva and urine pH above 6.9 is the most probable group of people to have some sort of parasitic action? A pH above 6.9 provides an alkaline environment, which becomes the perfect host for those unwanted occupants. Parasites can be in any form. They are hungry little fellows and love feasting on the nutrients you provide via your food, and in return, leaves you the host, nutrient deficient.

There are so many teachings and writings on pH. Technology has opened the availability to research without going to the library. Although, Google has become the god of research, it has also become a dangerous tool as well. As a result of this technology at our fingertips we are led to believe that an alkaline pH is where it’s at and that the perfect number is 7.0. There are even product companies, water companies and others who will tell you that your pH should be at neutral, which is 7.0. This is where the danger lies with today’s technology. The common everyday folk, do not have the background, the knowledge or the understanding of how pH actually affects the human body, therefore, they can do nothing but believe what they read on Google, I mean after all if it is on the internet, it must be true, right?

By understanding that pH is nothing more than the “measure of resistance”. A resistance of energy within the body system. One could say that it compares to a speedometer in a car. It measures the speed of resistance within the digestive system. If you have a pH that is above 6.4, the resistance is high and the speed is to slow. It is the opposite if the pH is below 6.4. (we get the same weakened state, only in the opposite direction) However, let’s talk about an alkaline body and parasitic activity. Although, I am speaking of an alkaline environment, I must also clarify that parasitic activity may be prevalent in both pH environments, yet most commonly found in an alkaline state. A calling card for parasites is an alkaline environment! An alkaline environment is the measure of resistance in a high or weakened condition and the digestive speed is slow. The slower the digestive speed the fewer nutrients we are able to absorb during the digestive process, causing a nutrient deficiency. In other words, the longer the nutrient deficiency exists, the more the immune system is under attack and the weaker it becomes. The longer the food sits in the gut, the more potent the fermentation and toxic gas becomes, thus, resulting of a dumping of these toxic gasses into the blood stream. This, in reality, is poisoning its human host. Over time if the pH is not put into check, the more nutrient deficient the body becomes and the overall health is put into grave danger.

To put it simply, the very first day that the saliva and urine pH is anything other than 6.3 to 6.6; is the day disease begins to develop within the human body. Over time, symptoms will manifest themselves. At first you may notice stomach discomfort, maybe a little uncomfortable bloating or gassiness. The perfect parasitic host might experience a little diarrhea here and there, or constipation, or maybe a day or two of one and then the other. Some may break out in a rash or itching around the rectum. Other symptoms might consist of stomach tenderness, constant unexplained fatigue, and insomnia, a loss of sleep, concentration problems, depression, unhealthy thoughts, and even weight loss. The list goes on and on. During any health changes you make in your lifetime, pH must always be first priority there is no way around it. A happy healthy person must have a balanced pH. Anything less, is not an option.

Now that you have been given a short lesson in why pH is crucial to a healthy life, allow me to offer a couple solutions to obtaining a healthy lifestyle.
First, you need to make a few nutritional changes, check your pH and begin a parasitic cleansing. Below you will find a couple of my favorite protocols to follow that I know work.

Let us begin with a few preliminary steps.
You will begin a parasite cleansing (3) days prior to a Full Moon. As odd as it sounds, parasitic activity is most prominent prior and during a full moon. It has something to do with the atmospheric magnetic pull of some sorts.

Parasitic cleansing is not easy. These little critters will put up a good fight.
Nutritional changes are necessary as parasites feed on sugars, yeast and mucous.
During which time we eliminate these types of foods. Foods such as breads, many grains, and most fruits other than apples, dairy products and high sugar carbohydrates will need to be eliminated altogether during a parasite cleansing. I have provided a couple of programs for your convenience.

Before you begin the first step into your health:
Click here to read the article, “Not All Supplements are Created Equal”
Click here to download the document “Instructions for pH testing.”
Click here to download; “Understanding the Healing Crisis”

Protocol A is a 14 day protocol. However the water should be a lifetime habit.
Protocol B is for life. Once you transition into phase two of the Kaufman anti-fungal lifetime eating plan you will phase off all the products.
This is where you will add Protocol C which will be for a lifetime of good health and nutritional habits. Please feel free to ask for help during your healing journey. Use the contact me link on the website. Click here May your journey be filled with life, love and His glorious light.

All products are available through Red Clover Herbs and Market. Ask them how you can get your products at cost.

Protocol A

Nutrition- 80/20 pH food diet (14 days)(click here)

Distilled Water (1/2 your weight in ounces daily)(click here)

Herbal Pumpkin, Olive Leaf Extract, All Cell Detox, pH test strips

Protocol B

Nutrition- Kaufman Anti-Fungal (phase one 30-45 days)(click here)

Distilled Water (1/2 your weight in ounces daily)(click here)

Herbal Pumpkin, Olive Leaf Extract, Caprylic Acid, All Cell Detox

Protocol C – Lifetime lifestyle

Nutrition- Kaufman Anti-Fungal (phase two)(click here)

Distilled Water (1/2 your weight in ounces daily)

Food Enzymes, Probiotic 11, Liver Cleanse Formula, Calcium/Magnesium, Vitamin A and D combination, pH test strips (everything listed here will be long term use. If you get your products at wholesale under Red Clover, it would save you shipping and you can earn up to 25% in rewards credit if you go on Sunshine Rewards each month)(you will NOT need to order the pH test strips each month, these will last you a good long time)

Link to the articles and charts referred to in this article can be found on

Thanks for reading, and please let us hear your thoughts in the comments section down below!


Source: The Calcium Kit, Dr. A.F. Beddoe, DDS

Google scholar articles and studies on parasites

Dr. Victoria Terry, ND


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