SUPER HERBS Part Two: Mint

This is the second video in the Super Herb Series with Liesl and T. Mint is a hardy plant that the tummy loves and the bugs hate. It's uses run from candy flavoring, toothpaste, gum, to battling varmints and insects Do You have a "black thumb"? try growing mint, you may just turn your luck around!

If you want to know how a lot of bugs were kept out of the house in the old need to watch the video below.

Thanks for watching! 

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  • Tim RCHM

    You’re welcome! We have some outdoor video stuff coming next!

  • Paula Kinnaman

    THANKS for the TERRIFIC, INFORMATIVE presentation!

  • Leona

    Thank you:) Love the vidoe. Lots of information and presented in a way that was fun and informative, imagine that:) I loved the old wisdom explained with modern wisdom to compliment both old and modern:)
    so, then the 400 varieties of mint are variants of spearmint? like a toy poodle is a poodle, just smaller?
    I am looking forward to the other videos and most certainly the Herb Walks:)
    Thanks again:)

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