Flower Essence Prep ~ Liesl & Mama T: Part One

Have you ever been interested in Homeopathic Medicine? I have, but haven’t had a lot of time to pursue it; by being the camera operator and editor for the Red Clover Channel, I have been learning a lot! This video (in multiple parts) allows you to take a virtual walk outdoors with Mama T - with Liesl as our host. T discusses how to choose and forage flowers at their peak for making Bach remedy style flower essences. All this – with a little bit of “Old School” know how. If you’ve ever been on one of Mama T’s herb walks here in Idaho Falls, then you know that Mama T is a wealth of knowledge and more than happy to share it….So, watch and enjoy!

Let us know in the comments section below what you think – questions or comments….Thanks!

Tim at Red Clover H & M


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  • RedClover

    You are all very welcome!


    Thank you both for informative videos. I enjoy watching them as well as the walks with T! I will be seeing you both soon!

  • Kathy
    Very interesting and informative. Thanks

  • Paula

    VERY INTERESTING!!! I didn’t realize the differences in the red and white horse-chestnut flower shape or medicinal uses?!?
    THANKS SO MUCH Liesl & Mama T

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