Red Clover

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ANNOUNCEMENT!! The Red Clover Blend will be going through a name and package change. The new name will be HARMONY BLEND. Don't worry, we made no changes to the recipe. Still the great taste you love!


This divinely popular tisane (herbal tea) is a smooth, rich, delightful symphony of six dynamic herbs synergistically harmonizing the body that tantalizes the pickiest of taste buds! Savor it either as a warm tea or iced tea.

Our full-tasting Harmony Blend boost the body's natural immune & inflammation response systems while serving as a fantastic sipping tea that can be enjoyed daily. Created initially to support the respiratory system and add nutrition to the diet, this proprietary blend is a delicious way to supplement the body with virtually every vitamin & mineral for human health and growth and to support the following systems:

Supporting Healthy:

- immune function

- inflammatory response

- respiratory system

- female system

- digestion system

- natural nutrition

- gentle detoxification

- calming


Recommended by Naturopathic Doctors and Holistic Practitioners, this is a delicious favorite for your whole family all year long. 



Red Clover, Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Chamomile, Spearmint, Wintergreen



If pregnant, drink in moderate amounts (2-4 cups daily).


Appearance, taste, and color of the blend may vary due to being a natural product and settling of herbs in package.

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